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The Brisant-E that we supply offers enhanced 5-pin security with a traditional vertical keyway and great value.
Brisant-E has been the main lock offering for many locksmiths for many years.

The Euro Cylinders are a 5 pin anti snap cylinder with a solid steel snap bar (same bar material that is used in the ABS lock) and sacrificial cuts.
This means that unlike other sacrificial cylinders such as UAP, Squire, P-Extra, KTB, etc. where the lock still snaps in the centre, the Brisant-E always snaps at the sacrificial cut.

Should a second attack take place the steel connector bar ensures it wont break in the centre like most other anti snap locks.


Brisant BS Cylinders are high security cylinders accredited to BSI Kitemark Licence No: 598033

The Plug of the Brisant BS Cylinders always have two steel pins at the front for anti drill, adjacent to this are two smaller anti drill pins. Should the lock be snapped then drilled there are four further large anti-drill pins, two either side, behind the sacrificial cut. There are three anti drill pins at the front of the lock body and a further two behind the sacrificial cut. At Least one steel driver pin is used as anti drill too!

Anti-Pick / Bump:
As well as a steel anti-drill driver pin, brass mushroom pins are used as standard.
An Anti-Bump Pin is also used in one chamber.
Making this lock a very hard lock to pick or bump.

The Brisant-BS comes with the same anti snap connector bar and unique sacrificial cuts


Ultion isn’t just the best lock of the Brisant range, it is the best lock. By launch it will be accredited to TS007 3* as well as the MLA’s coveted Sold Secure Diamond mark which means it’s the best for your security

TS007 3 Star
The Brisant ULTION Cylinders have been tested to and have surpassed the needs of the TS007 3 star tests.
So can be fitted in confidence without having to be bolstered with an expensive high security handle.
When Ultion is locked it is the actual centre cam that gets independently secured, not secured to the internal plug – this means that even when the key is left on the inside of the lock Ultion is still secure.

Sold Secure SS312 Diamond
The Ultimate standard that other 3-star anti-snap locks want but don’t get.
This is the rigours of the TS007 3-star but with added aggressive attack, time and tested by an experienced MLA locksmith.
Even when the tester was allowed more access around the lock, more tools, freedom to break the material surrounding the lock and the ability to pause the clock to consider a different tack – Ultion was not defeated.

11 Pins
Underneath the key sit 6 pins. Each of these pins have specific jobs, there are 2 steel anti drill pins, 3 brass mushroom anti-pick pins, and one anti-bump. But then, above the key Ultion is housing a further 5 pins – creating an astonishing 294,000 key combinations.

Combination Comparison:


Typical 5 Pin > 30,000

Typical 6 Pin > 150,000

Typical 1 Star > 140,000

ABS > 46,008

Ultion > 294,740

We can also order or make all these types of cylinders to come

Keyed alike (all locks running off the same key)
Thumb turns
Master sweet system
Half cylinders for garage doors or one way access
Extra keys if needed
There is nothing really we can’t do to customise all these locks to meet your needs and to make life that little bit easier

Fortress Lock

Era The insurance-approved Era Fortress lock is a very popular and affordable sash lock that comes insurance rated with British standard BS3621.
If your insurance requires a 5 lever lock that is approved to this standard, these are the models you are looking for.
These ERA sash locks provide an excellent level of security at an affordable price.
The finishes available on these models are satin chrome or a polished brass finish.

2 keys are supplied as standard, this ERA sash lock comes with a wide variety of keying alike options that are completed on site. These locks are suitable for wooden front or back main exit doors.

This model is most suitable for wooden front and back doors due to its 5 lever design. ERA has been in business for 150 years and is a UK company based in Willenhall, the base of operations for many security focused companies.

Sash Lock
BS3621 Insurance Rated
5 Lever
Suitable for wooden front or back main exit doors
2 Keys Supplied
Can be Keyed alike with ERA high security Dead lock
UK Manufactured by ERA